My Entrepreneur Ideology

In this day and age, it seems that entrepreneurship is something mainstream. Everybody is saying they want to be an entrepreneur - just because it was popular. Well, I want to say that I was an entrepreneur before it got popular.  I’d like to talk about the traits to become an entrepreneur. I shall explore into how the thinking process of a true entrepreneur differs from that of wannabes. I consider myself a true entrepreneur, and not a wannabe. I will attempt to list out the traits I think that would make me a true entrepreneur, and then describe and recollect my related experiences with that aspect.

My ideology is that you need to have a grand goal to work towards to in life.

  1. One must be ready for an adventure. And this concludes the first trait of an entrepreneur. You must be up for an adventure. There isn’t a straight path to getting something you want. I think it’s most important for one to have a focus and general target. Then work towards that target in any method or path possible. With a target and determination (and lots of elbow grease), one can attain the goals.
  2. Patience. Success doesn’t come overnight. This is the route to success, in terms of my ideology. I think it’s important to keep in mind what you are working towards, and why you are doing it. It’s important to keep up with your motivation. In this information age, without reasons to be seriously stressing out like if your life depends on it, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important. There is a flood with information, and one can be distracted and fall into mediocrity. Motivation is what separates the good from the average. The people with motivation become better at what they do than somebody
  3. Make do with what you can. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity and the perfect time. In other words, don’t be a perfectionist - and just do it. If you can easily figure out the solution to a problem, it’s probably not worth solving. The real problems out there are hard, and they are messy. A good entrepreneur should know about a wide variety of things, so you can get a good idea for the sense of direction to go in. At that point, you can dig deeper and start researching into the problem. So just remember, you won’t have all the answers, but you should probably start it anyways. It is a head-start to the real deal.
  4. Presentability. As an entrepreneur, you are the face of your product. You are the person who the entire world looks to, as a role model. You represent everything that is to know about your startup. A entrepreneur has the ability to enkindle and evoke excitement in others - you need to be a source of inspiration. It’s not necessarily what hardcore skill sets you have, but rather how you use your tools. And your image, your presentation, is the first impression. If it is not you who has such passion for your idea, then it’ll be very hard to sell the product to others. Keep your image sharp, strive to be the role model for others.

This is just a collection of my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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