The PennApps Hackathon

PennApps 2013s

Note Mar 6 2013: Rough outline posted. Write more on technical details.

Meta-info: This post will be roughly divided into diary-of-sorts, coding documentation, and overall experiences.

Part 1: Journal entry

On a plane to University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia.

Woke up around 8 am on Friday Jan 18, got on a carpool with Drew. Among others were Ke (my partner), Waley, Lucas. Arrived at the airport after heavy traffic jam around 9:30 am.

Michael Chang, exhausted after his flight here.
Michael Chang, fallen asleep  during the briefing info session.

Our project was unanimously decided to be called Marmoset. This represented our school, as the computer science department at University of Waterloo had the undergrad students submit their code to Marmoset for grading. We thought this was relevant and a good spin on the name. Nothing to do with actual coding monkeys. No.

Wallpaper we used for presentation


Sunday night stay:

The AirBnb location.
On the Sunday night, after the hackathons, went to this AirBnB house downtown Philly.

Part 2: Coding Documentation

Here is a youtube video of the usage:

Unfortunately facebook decided to take down our app and ban our developer account. So this app is no longer available. Very unfortunate. We originally were going to do this for SMS with Twilio’s API. We ended up winning Best Communication App ($500 prize) from Twilio anyways, despite pivoting and not doing SMS.


Thanks for reading. This article is not finished.

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