Convert cardano Bech32 address to stake key

Cardano payment addresses are bech32 encoded since Shelly. These addresses can be decoded in python

from typing import Optional
import bech32
import binascii

def resolve_addr2stake_py(address: str) -> Optional[str]:
    hrp, by = bech32.bech32_decode(address)
    if hrp != 'addr':
        return None
    words = bech32.convertbits(by, 5, 8, False)
    res = ''
    for w in words:
        res = f'{res}{format(w, "x").zfill(2)}'
    mainnet_addr = f'e1{res[-56:]}'
    array = binascii.unhexlify(mainnet_addr)
    words = [x for x in array]
    bech32_words = bech32.convertbits(words, 8, 5)
    bech32_addr = bech32.bech32_encode('stake', bech32_words)
    return bech32_addr

You can confirm this works by

address = 'addr1qxdvcswn0exwc2vjfr6u6f6qndfhmk94xjrt5tztpelyk4yg83zn9d4vrrtzs98lcl5u5q6mv7ngmg829xxvy3g5ydls7c76wu'


Out: 'stake1uxyrc3fjk6kp343gznlu06w2qddk0f5d5r4znrxzg52zxlclk0hlq'

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