Internship and curiosity

I’ve been on internship since September, and I’ve not had this feeling for a while. Not since when I was on vacation in August and finished reading the entire course materials for CS 458 Security! I was wondering how to get it back… reflecting back to my exam cramming days, where I’d be up till 3 or 4 am and in a trance, studying. I thought coffee/tea/energy drinks would help get this kind of concentration, but it doesn’t. This kind of concentration is rare, and magical. I think it stems from curiosity!
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Five year vision

I’m reading up on amateur radio licenses. I’ve always been curious about it, I’m planning to get a radio set – and talk to other people. Similar to the way it was done in the movie Contact. I’m fascinated by space, and radio is one of the things the space shuttle predominantly uses to communicate with earth. Also the thought of being able contact with aliens is nice – however unfeasible.
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Accessing VPN

Discovered this great free VPN service called spotflux – it is so easy to use. On public networks, every website you visit can be tracked – VPN tunnels your traffic to spotflux servers. Though – the price you pay is having ads getting injected into unsecured html (http).

For example, there is a black rectangle. For me, it looks like this (with adblock enabled):


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