Why I Think Now Is A Good Time For Machine Learning

As we all know, since the mid 18th century, when the scientific methods were established, we have gone through a few technological revolutions. Most recently it was the industrialization revolution, and now information is the current revolution. The availability of information is more noticeable with the decreasing cost of storage. Now it is easy to acquire large amount of information; what to do with it is the question. The answer is machine learning. To participate in the information era, you can start off learning about machine learning.

Learning machine learning has a few benefits, which I’ll talk about.

  1. There are patterns in the large quantity of data, but it is infeasible for humans to analyze.
  2. Success = Opportunity + Preparation. And there are lots of opportunities. We need the preparation.

Clearly, it is in your favour to study machine learning, so you too can develop the necessary tools to deal with large amount of data. In other words, the availability very large data sets is one of the resources fuelling the information revolution. It seems obvious that being able to utilize this information is key to being part of the current information era.

/more to come