Strategies for a Quantum Entrepreneur

This is a post while I was in a “Strategies for a Quantum Entrepreneur” workshop that was held at IQC RAC 1 2009, June 6, 2012. It was a “bonus classroom experience” to the QIC 870 and QIC 871 classes. I came into the workshop looking for ideas to develop, something feasible as a project and that is likely to succeed. My plan is to get ideas from physics and create a spin-off. Being here reminds me of QKD 2011, this is the exact same lecture room. The workshop takes a very formal approach to entrepreneurship, kind of like business school class and theoretical physics. For example, innovation = invention + commercialization. Facts like government policies, a slide titled “the national system of innovation”. This is not quite what I would like to hear about. I want to find out what are some practical things that I can build, as an undergraduate student. Hypothetical ideas are kind of ironic… in the sense that the workshop takes a theoretical approach to how an ideal startup should start off.

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