Playing around with an Arduino today, programmed it to count down. Very simple, I know, but it is just introduction to the usage.
This article is not meant to be a tutorial. It is to remind myself of what I did.

The arduino programming IDE basically just C++ with a different namespace. And a little deviation. You don't need things like #include , and don't need a int main(int argc, char** argv) program.



A flashy video here:

Planning out the connections:

After a while I just gave up and did it by hand. This drawing thing is really annoying, too many wires!!!

This is the PCB layout
pcb2The breadboard layout
breadboard2The schematic layout

Source Code

Initializing the pins to be the corresponding letter on the seven segment display. See earlier post for diagram.


This stuff is quite fun, I will update this post later when I figure out more things to do with it.

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