Projects I want to work on

Lately, Feb 16 2016, I have had a few projects in mind I want to dig deeper into. I just returned from a trip to China, for Chinese New Year.

  • Family Tree – Document the best to my knowledge who I am from the perspective of who my families were.
  • Violin – A friend of my Father gifted me a violin when I went on trip to China. I intend to start practicing this. Perhaps look into going to local Meetups.
  • Shipping Info – Elementary school friend of my Father runs a shipping company in China. He intends on doing IPO (Initial Public Offering). In order to make the company worth more, he desires to build a ecommerce website so it would be more competitive. I need to explore similar web platforms and provide some references.
  • Make Friends – Since moving to California full time, I have mostly spent time settling down and getting used to the flow. It is as if I was in first year university, going into an environment I’m not comfortable with. It is as if I was in Switzerland, too. Difference here is that there are relatively less networking events.

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