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I’ve been keeping track a list of interesting articles to read. Right now they are scattered across Google Docs, Pocket, bookmarks, and pdf files I’ve downloaded. I’ll combine them all into this list, without any explicit ordering – although the topics on top should be more interesting. I’ll also explain why I have them on my list.

List of projects I want to build

Software Architecture

  • Different GUI architectures.
    • Unlike school assignments, anytime one builds a customer facing product, the user interface needs to be considered. Building the UI is no trivial work, so knowing good design patterns is important. This article provides some fast overview.

Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision
    • Wouldn’t it be cool to feed your computer a video and have it learn about things that appears in it? You can train the computer to do this. GPU technology has advanced quite a bit since its invention during the 90s. It just so happens that neural networks are coming back into popularity. This article blogs about leveraging the two of the best platforms we have today: Matlab and Nvidia cuDNN (cuda Deep Neural Network).
  • Question Answering on a computer
    • This article came around as I was working on a project with my professor for artificial intelligence. Our goal was to try and recommend previously given answers based on a similar sounding question.

How this list came to be

My usual conversations with friends borders somewhat about computer science topics. They are just interesting problems discuss. In particular, I have a few friends who I always strive to learn from, and I admire how they keep talking about these things. I must do my part and keep up.

Why I need this list

Computer science is a wide field, I’ve only opened the door and had a glimpse into the world. I have a bunch of interesting things I want to build, and I’ve been keeping them on the back burner for far too long. This list will motivate me by serving as a reminder of just how much of exploration is possible.

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