Wrapping up a project at and moving the project to phase 2. We celebrated with a team dinner at Cascal. Actually the first time our small project had outside dinner.

I didn't take notes at the time so these are the memories from last night.

I will roughly summarize the events and some principles. I won't write much into details partly for sake of privacy and partly because I can't remember nor have the time to flush it all out. So I'll write some memory triggers.

I had a bunch of questions in revolving around:
- What is going on with the project?
- What are the plans for our other projects?
- What were the lessons learned from building a company?

And other personal and life questions as
- Why did you create the company?
- How come you don't want to be a professor anymore?
- Why did you want to become a professor?
- How did you climb the life ladder from where you started?
- What are your principles?
- How did you get to where you are today?

And some summaries of his responses
- work very very hard
- be opportunistic, they come and don't wait
- surround yourself with people you want to become

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