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Python Tutorial to serial programming

Python Tutorial

Edit Jan 29 2013: This site has gained some significant traffic, according to google. If you search “pyserial tutorial” this page is 3rd up. So hence I will edit and make it a bit more understandable, seems like there is actually a need for this!

This tutorial describes the process of connecting to a spectrometer over serial port, and writing a python program to automate collection of data. Normally we would need to enter in the wavelength and¬†acquire¬†the (transmittance/absorbency/concentration) result manually. Since the spectrometer has a serial port, we can write a program that automates this process. In order for python to be able to talk to the spectrometer, we need to get pySerial, which extends Python’s capabilities to include interacting with a serial port.

In this python tutorial, I will explain how to:

  1. How to configure Python and pySerial
  2. Verify serial port communication, with a spectrometer device
  3. Write some functioning code in Python and use the spectrometer

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