Connect Bose QC35 to Ubuntu 16.04

1 /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

# Restricts all controllers to the specified transport. Default value
# is “dual”, i.e. both BR/EDR and LE enabled (when supported by the HW).
# Possible values: “dual”, “bredr”, “le”
ControllerMode = bredr

Restart bluethooth service afterwards: sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

After the pairing you may put the config back to “dual”.  Only pairing seems to be affected.

2 Headphones to pair mode

Slide button 2s or use their app (assuming already paired with your phone).

3 Settings -> Bluetooth -> +

Click on PIN options and select Fixed PIN Do not pair.

4 Connect again in side bar

5 Sound setting to High Fidelity