Nanoscale physics

3D-printer with nano-precision

Today on PhysOrg I read about how they were building nanosized objects and 3D printing

Printing three dimensional objects with incredibly fine details is now possible using “two-photon lithography”. With this technology, tiny structures on a nanometer scale can be fabricated. Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) have now made a major breakthrough in speeding up this printing technique: The high-precision-3D-printer at TU Vienna is orders of magnitude faster than similar devices (see video). This opens up completely new areas of application, such as in medicine.

3D-printer with nano-precision

A model of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna. Credit: Klaus Cicha

3D-printer with nano-precision

The London Tower Bridge. Credit: Klaus Cicha

So much fun things happening in physics. I wish I was working on one of these and making it available for the world to use.

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