January 2015 Thoughts

Went to talk with Professor Richard Mann. He suggested some readings based on what I was reading (On Intelligence) and what I was interested in.
1/ Thinking Fast & Slow on AI by Daniel KAHNEMAN. Covers theory of choice, preferences, attention.
2/ The Black Swan: Impact of the Highly Improbable by TALEB.
3/ Scientific Discovery by Paul THAGARD, professor at uWaterloo.
4/ How to Build a Brain by Chris ELIASMITH
5/ Computer Vision by Richard SZELISKI

While reading “On Intelligence” I had a thought. Is being tired just the result of neurons firing so much that they need to recharge? Since being out of the electrochemical signalers (used up faster than it naturally regenerates). This would explain why you get tired of a certain activity after intensive use of those neurons. For example, studying… after a while, you lose ability to focus.

Upon going to DC library I remembered the UW Police could track stolen MACs. So there was an idea, good for a startup (if nothing like it already exists): Stolen Goods Network Tracking Down Organization.
– All devices have MAC address and use it to connect to a network.
– Reported stolen goods with police has its MAC marked stolen.
– Partnered networks (e.g. McDonald’s free wifi) matches stolen MACs, and reports and monitors activity to local police.
– Police tracks and recovers stolen goods. (This part flaky.)

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