Guest Wifi Setup DD-WRT Tutorial

This is a tutorial for setting up a DD-WRT router to have a separate isolated (virtual) guest wifi access point. At the end of the tutorial you will have two wifi networks, one private, and one public for the guests. Guests will not have access to the router or anything else on your network.

  1. Your build must be ≥ 23020. There should be a network already running and you can access the internet.0 network basic setup
  2. Create the virtual access point for your guests.
    1. Go to Wireless -> Basic Setup
    2. Click Add in Virtual Interfaces. Fill out the details as in the image.1 wireless settings
  3. Optional: Go to Wireless -> Wireless Security, choose your encryption for the guest wifi.
  4. Now enable DHCPD for the guest wifi so IP addresses can be assigned.
    1. Go to Setup->Networking and add another dhcp server for the guest network as shown.2 networking
  5. Optional: Setup Quality of service (QoS) to limit guest network bandwidth.
    1. Configure QoS as shown.3 qos
    2. Results from my speed test.4 speed test
  6. Restart the router. Important because I found sometimes changing settings they take a while to activate and you’re not sure if it has had any effect.


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