Golden Gate

I was playing around with the lidar dataset from UCSD and visualizing it on Entwine.

Wanted to share some beautiful cool pictures. Lidar is very interesting. Here are the links to play this yourself.

Looking at the data format, it the bounding boxes for the octo-tree here are:


-13632855.894, 4553466.772, 1.042
-13635492.356, 4553196.558, 1.418
-13634390.511, 4555612.511, 72.595
-13633919.870, 4551994.285, 81.365

Ones in bold are the min/max vals, thus forming our X, Y bounds.

      # type: readers.ept
      bounds: ([-13635492.356,-13632855.894], [4555612.511, 4551994.285])
      resolution: 0.5
      # up to 0.5m resolutions

Actually this didn’t return any data. So I’m doing another selection with larger area.

The pipeline

  "pipeline": [
      "bounds": "([-13637879,-13630062], [4549481,4557084])",
      "filename": "",
      "type": "readers.ept"
      "filename": "golden-gate.laz",
      "type": "writers.las"

474M May 4 23:50 golden-gate.laz

I put together and loaded this data, visualized with potree:,4558454.642095785,-3140.1667813895765%5D&p=%5B-13633789.913150359,4538864.068838491,6564.589746511545%5D&r=%5B%22http://,%22,781%5D&cf=%5B0,3,4,5,6,7,8,12%5D

Classification side view. Some noise can be seen.
Without noise
Without vegetation. The bridge seems to be (incorrectly) classified as such.
Without water.
Without unclassified, leaving just the ground.

That’s it folks!

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