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Airbnb already pays occupancy taxes for you so you can deduct them as a rent expense.

I run an Airbnb in Maine and they send occupancy taxes to the state. How do I show my Airbnb income as exempt since the tax has already been paid?

Asked by jlouisecarl
TurboTax Premier
 2 months ago

Occupancy taxes for your Airbnb are a completely separate tax from your income tax that you are filing. Having paid the occupancy tax through Airbnb does not make your income exempt from income tax.  All of the rent collected must still be reported as income.  However, you will be able to claim a rental expense for the occupancy tax that has been paid on your behalf since it was taken out of your rental income.

TurboTaxAnnetteB , EA
 TurboTax TaxPro  2 months ago

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