Disassembling that hard drive

Today I finally got around to disassembling that hard drive in my room.
It was  a Maxtor 8 Gb, still uses parallel ports.

These uses star shaped screws.

Here's what it looks like after I opened:

It seems they have capacity for 4 disks, but only had 3 installed.

A video here demostrating its working condition.

Then there's more photos:

The internal parts.

The arm is lighter than it looks.

All that's left after disassembling is the milled aluminum casing - which is rather a work of art.

The whole thing milled from one block of aluminum

This is rather neat - I opened one of these before, but didn't take apart the disks as well. It's hard to find unique screwdrivers that'll allow you to turn these screws.

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