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Jason Sun

Crypto Blockchain & Robotics and Fullstack Engineer



ROAM Stakepool



A generalist with expertise in a wide range of software stacks, leading cross team efforts to design and integrate multiple tech stacks to form new features in an architect role.

  • Cryptocurrency stake pool operator, NFT minter, blockchain developer.
  • Complete product development lifecycle experience from conception to prototype to end of life.
  • Create feature designs proposals, break down and delegate components to cross function teams.
  • Developer since 2004 using Slackware Linux and Arch Linux.
  • Experience in fast paced startup culture and large corporation.
  • Experience in leading projects, management, leading cross functional teams, building org-wide processes.
  • Experience in real time systems, full stack web, full stack robotics, cryptocurrency blockchain.
  • Mentor and manage engineers/interns, and interview candidates.
  • Wide software stack expertise, architect function, lead design & integration for multiple tech stacks.