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Stanford Technologies Ventures Program

 My notes on the 2004 Guy Kawasaki video lectures.

Make meaning in your company

Companies that succeed are those that make meaning. If you set out to make money you probably won’t succeed.

Key motivations to start a great organization:

  • Increase the quality of life
  • Right a wrong
  • Prevent the end of something good

Don’t write a mission statement

Make a mantra - three or four words that capture the essence of your organization.

Wendy’s “healthy fast food”
FedeEx “Peace of mind”
Nike “Authentic athletic performance”
Mary Kay “Enriching women’s lives”
Kawasaki “Empowering entrepreneurs”

Dilbert mission statement generator website for mission statements.

Get up and get going

Think different, build the product/service that you love.
The best source of entrepreneurial spirit are people under 30 years old and solving a personal problem.
Think different.

Do not be afraid to polarize people. Ideally some people love your product, some people hate your product.

Find a few soul mates. When one person is down, you need the other person to pick you up and help you. Keep you warm.

The new business model

A specific person. Not “we’ll capture millions of eyeballs”. Not “enterprise software”, but “what size, who, and what they do”.

Keep it simple. We want innovate products/technologies.
Fundamentally, you make something, you sell it, you make money — that’s the model a VC can handle.

Ask women. Men has the “killer gene”. Start company to kill another company. Men are predisposed to want to kill things. Women don’t have this predisposition. Don’t waste your time asking men.

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2600 HOPE Conference 2012

2600 HOPE Conference 2012

Well, it's been a long time since I've updated my website. I was going through my old photos, and I found an album from the 2600 conference, HOPE number 9. I was looking forward to this trip for the past 6 months, I had gathered up some interested friends and all together there were 5 of us.

The old school phreakers did a live demonstration of social engineering on some random poor pizza store.


National Business Technology Conference

National Business Technology Conference 2012 


I went to the National Business Technology Conference 2012 this weekend (Mar. 24-25). I'm going to write about what I thought of it and my experiences. In general though I feel two sided about this. It's a good conference in the sense that it's really an eye opener for people who have not been to business conferences before. It's bad in the sense the speakers are way to general, so they would not be who technology people would be interested in listening into.

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2600 Conference Photos

Added some photos.